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Please Welcome, Ravenfreak to our site.

EL PaperBoy

Well-known member
Welcome @Ravenfreak ! We are glad you joined, Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread and get to know others.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for joining us!
Hello everyone I'm Ravenfreak, a 32 year old guy who has been posting on forums since the late 00's. I am a retro gamer, but I do enjoy modern games as well. I'm also into cartoons, anime, comics, music, movies, and I like to program from time to time. It's nice to meet you all!
Thanks for joining us and welcome to EL, as I made another post we have been up and down for some time as people are not selling and trading much but we will start creating other topics to keep things moving.

See you soon. :)