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Ever used Joomla?


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I would like to know if any of you have made use of Joomla. A blog software that my pal said it is better than Wordpress as it give a better control from the admin panel. Would give it a try, if you have made use of it and like it. Anyone?
I used it for a gaming site some years ago, it’s nice software but the backend takes some getting used to as its very different from most other platforms, it’s been years so I may do an install to see if it’s improved.
I prefer Joomla to Wordpress myself and I’m currently using it on my Sonic blog. I like the acp layout better than Wordpress. It’s easy to install plugins as well.
I liked it years back when I used it, I would have to say I would prefer it over WP, I find you're always updating any WP plugin you have almost daily.
It's annoying, not that those updates are a bad thing but for what I want it's too much.
I use to use Joomla a long time ago. the main problem is when I would move servers it was always painful to back up and move granted some of that may have changed now. I mostly used WordPress these days set plugins to auto-update
I know for some of my friends who used Joomla that it seems to better than WordPress to some extent for them. But it's not an option for me at all. Xenforo would always be my favourite pick and if I'm not using it, it's going to be have to be WordPress.
I haven't heard about Joomla though but I have been using WordPress for a While now , I would check out for joomla and see what they got to offer.
I have seen a lot of sites that Joomla was used for its set up and they look good if I'm being very honest. But in the end, I prefer using Xenforo and forum's that they are used with.
I have heard of Joomla myself but I have never actually used it. I have always used WordPress but many people do keep having high opinions of Joomla so it has got me interested and curious and I may take a look at it myself when I have the time.