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CLOSED WTS: vBulletin 3, 4, 5 Licence | BTC | Discount: $40 Using! | $85 Transfering!


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I want to do legitimate businees. I've talked 3-4 person for sale this product over months and it's pain in the ass with this transfer process; I've decided to make a huge discount for only licence using; so both side would be beneficial.

So, I'm using Paxful for payment. If you need urgent vBulletin Licence I can add your domain to my system and give you all licence info you'll need. I'll also give you all latest files to download. That's $40 for using licence for unlimited time. (This process only takes an 1 or 2 minutes)

I'm not using this since 2013, I've paid 224$ for this licence. You can use it for unlimited time since I'll add your domain to system.

Also if you want to transfer licence to your vBulletin account, vBulletin staff takes an extra $45 for this process. I'll cost you this full $85 before you accept this process (with proper texting through Paxful for middleman process, so I've verified with all five titles in Paxful with my ID they have; both side is legitimate) because it can't be undo after I pay that $45 for that transfer.

Here's my Skype: MaximillianFoe - ask me questions further.

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