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How to prevent chargebacks?


Valued Member
Feb 18, 2013
What is the best ways to prevent chargebacks when selling forum licenses.

Buying / selling second hand forum licenses is risky for both sellers and buyers. But I think even more so for sellers.

It would be very nice with some information on how to make deals smoother and safer for both parties.


Mike Edge

Owner of xF Hosting
Valued Member
Jan 20, 2013
In your dispute response use the term non-tangible item as many times as you can. Paypal does not offer buyer protection on non-tangible items unless you have solid proof you were scammed. It's right in their ToS too.



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Jan 21, 2013
Services like Escrow are a bit much and I used it in sales that exceed $300 but anything under I just take a gamble *I feel the fee is high*.

I try to trust people as much as possible but in my experience I try to have them write me an invoice *or I write them an invoice* with the exact terms of the sale and where it will be covered. However, I get lazy... sometimes I don't do any of that. Like now, with my current problem on an expired license and singal500.

However all the terms of our sale were covered in private.

In the event you needed to charge back or argue a charge back, be sure to provide as many details AS POSSIBLE to support your case. I did the stupid thing and provided minimal details. I was expecting the seller to be like "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't get any of your emails, here's the paypal transaction you requested. Lets settle this right now without worry!"

Instead of settling this easily, he is showing feedback to paypal saying the deal was done (that's a bad mistake on my part I admit), but I did it in good faith as I was provided an actual license, but in private we discussed it moving over to my email BEFORE the sale. This was the terms of the sale and he did not try to do it. He claimed he was busy at first and I said take your time I'm not in a rush right now. I got back to him about once a week until a while ago when I sent one nearly every day. I even contacted him via other sites. I tried emailing different emails with no such luck. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I was fooled.

But in short, if you're not ready to 'gamble' your hard earned money on a nice cheap license, then don't do it. Escrow is the way to go but on smaller purchases, it's really silly to me.

I just want a friggin paypal transaction ID to end this stupid crap *end rant* lmao at least I didn't lose out on more.