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A scammer amongst us. Boo to me!


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Nov 28, 2013
Using a throw away over concerns of the scammer knowing who it exactly was that outted him here. Its been some time, I have waited many months for this issue to be resolved with 0 luck.

Back story, divisionbyzero offered me a license but the only for of payment he would accept was cheque or money order. This is a far stretch but he told me he needed the cash bad, was having some legal issue and that if I could help him it would be great. Guy was nice to deal with until i sent him a money order.

its been 5 months and I haven't seen him back on here since. I am really disappointed in myself for trying to help someone who i thought we legitimate.

Get this, then about 1 month ago I got a message on another forum about the same guy pulling other scams, and they sent me this link www.chris-candler.com . It seems divisionbyzero scammed some other people who now have a website up about him.

I feel like such a fool. Lesson learned. Always check out who you are doing business with.



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Nov 13, 2019
Thx for letting us know. I have heard of this guy as well, but I didn't put the name to the person.



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Dec 29, 2013
Sucks, kindness is taken advantage of nowadays. Hence why it's so rare nowadays, I've learned the hard way to always keep my poker face and know when to back off.