6 Easy tips to help you sell your license

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Oct 18, 2012
  1. Always keep in contact with the person interested in your product
  2. Keep checking the thread when ever you can.
  3. start with high price work your way down cause you never know someone just may buy it at that high price
  4. spread the word give people the link to your topic. The good part about selling stuff on forums and such you can gain good reputation for further business
  5. You should always make sure when someone pays they are paypal verified or use escrow.com
  6. Do reasearch on your product whether its whmcs ,ipb,vbulletin license make sure you got full permission from them to transfer it.

I wouldn't tell you all something if I haven't done it :)



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Nov 13, 2019
All excellent tips. Thanks @Mrchris (y)