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My EL Service Ad

Free My EL Service Ad

Extra License Install Services Free

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So I really like helping people out with forum installs, upgrading, theme and mod installs. So I wanted to offer EL members help if they need it. Right now for a EL regrand openning offer, I will do it for free for now.

List of services I offer right now:
  1. Install Forum (Paid software you have to own)
  2. Install Themes (Paid theme you have to own)
  3. Install Mods (Paid mods you have to own)
  4. Upgrade Forum, Themes, and Mods
  5. Install Blog
  6. More to come
Things to keep in mind:
  1. I will need Cpanel login in some cases
  2. I will need to be able to upload files using FileZilla
  3. I will setup new SQL databases
  4. I will save everything once the setup is done. Will have the items I setup in a folder on my rig. If you change passwords, then that is on you.
  5. More to come
Any questions please ask right here. Any service you don't see that you need done, just ask in the topic. If you don't want to release info on your project yet, just PM me. I will not release anything on your project.

Keep am eye on this posts for updates. Thanks and welcome to EL.

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