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Joining ExtraLicense allows you to join the best aftermarket forum for second hand license and its FREE Buy, sell, Trade your licenses you no longer need or want. Xenforo, Vbulletin, ClientExec, Blesta, UBB, and many more. Its free to join and sell today!

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I am Looking for just forums or fully loaded license.
This ad has expired.

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Looking to purchase your used XenForo License, it can be just the forums license or a fully loaded license.

Please comment below as to what you have and the price.
If I make an offer I will request the information below by PM.

  1. The license must be at least 120 days old to be transferrable to another.
  2. The license has to be legally transferrable. I.e. You have to be the original first purchaser of the license, as Xenforo does not allow the transfer of the same license twice.
  3. Validation Token and Domain Name needed to verify that it can be transferred.

Once the offer has been accepted by both parties the seller will need to open a ticket in their XenForo customer account requesting the transfer, once I get that email from XenForo I will make the transfer of funds.

I will ONLY deal with Paypal payments so please don't ask if I do any other form of payment.
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