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Active IPB with IP.C and 3rd Party Addons to Xenforo


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I just bought an IPB License included IP Content and some 3rd Party Addons but my Community is closing down. I will retire from the whole Forum Thingies but a Friend of mine is fascinated by xenforo.

So its Christmas soon, i still dont have a Present (he´s the only one left) and would be happy to Trade my IPB License for a Xenforo one. He might be Happy with it ;)


I bought it for $175 plus IPC for $50 plus some Addons for round about $30


What i am looking for is an active Xenforo License


Since the Prices for Xenforo are atm anything around $60 - $100 i´ll ask for $40 Extra (Paypal only).

Guess its worth it.


On Thing. I cant transfer the License yet because i dont own it 6 Month, but would change all Data to yours. Benefit is all the Addons you get Access to, too, which would not be possible on a Transfer.

Addons renewal is also 6 Month, so have 5 Month left


Attached Pic just proofs me as the Owner of the License where you can see almost every Detail.

Having Question? Feel Free to ask me via PM!



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What Proof do you need. My License Key??? :rolleyes: Thats my License and its MY Proof.


also if you contcat IPB direct, they will xfer it for you. You will not have to wait the 6 months...


I have been asked Support if i can Transfer it earlier if i find me a Buyer. Answer was


Unfortunately, licenses cannot be transferred to a new owner until they are at least 6 months old. The earliest you can transfer your license would be April 24th, 2013.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.


-Collin S.

Invision Power Services, Inc.


Shows what you know! :p

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What is nothing worth? Are you kinnding me???

You just need to change Email, PW and URl and you have a fully License with all its addons which you would normaly not have.

If an IPB Supporter answers me, it cant be he might be right.

I cannot choose WHAT Supporter is answering me. If the one tells me it cant i have to take it as it is


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What I am saying is plain and simple. The offer you are making people is not going to work! If your license can NOT be transferred for 6 months. You should remove your ad!

Basically, you could sell your License and then take it back, I was born late, but not that late.

AND...what your telling people is that all you have to do is change the info and they have your account, That is incorrect.

I would never trust anyone with the idea you have in mind, nor should anyone else.

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What the Hell are you talking about... Man honestly.. You drivin me crazy...


If!!!! and only IF i would get it sold i would change everything. PW, Email etc. So i would not have a chance after all that changes to whatever you are trying to tell me.

ANd btw, i am NOTasking YOU to buy it so....


For god sake.. GO AWAY...


BTW i already reported my Thread to be deleted....


Because you are really makin me agressive i put you on my Ignore List. I really dont know what are trying to do but.. ah anyway. Bye

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