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Transfer Accounts Between 2 Cpanel Servers

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Not so much help as a confirmation.


I have always seen the option in cPanel to transfer an account from one server to another. It absolutely works. And quickly as well. I have never had any luck with easyApache, so I was a little unsure to actually try this and to my delight, I can report no problems at all.

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Author of the topic Posted

It is actually quite simple and I should have been more specific. You need to be in whm panel. See screenshot below to see how. The link I highlighted is the only option I actually did get to work and it worked with one click.




I just checked and if all you have is cpanel access, you will have to ask your host to do this for you. This will only work with whm access whether it be through a reseller account, VPS or dedicated server account.

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