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Introduction: I Buy Licences

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I'm an established entity... I often purchase licenses that suit my business interest.   We make sound purchases... often deeply discounted... Full priced or nearly full priced licenses we only make direct purchases from the developers.  Discounted licenses usually 75% off the full retail is what we will spend or less if the seller is really looking to rid themselves of the product.


                1. You must fully own the license and can legally transfer it as it must be an active license

                2. We must be able to verify that the license is genuine and actually belongs to you...

                3. We don't make blind purchases and we do not make purchases that aren't easy to trace.. we only pay using established payment processors in the United States

                4. We don't purchase things from those selling for their friends

                5. You must have a positive reputation as a seller as we do compile list and use it for future references and to protect our affiliates from any future or unforeseen damages

Thank you for allowing me to join


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