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Official RSSvBulletin Mobile Suite 2.1 is now available!

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<h1>vBulletin Mobile Suite 2.1 Changes</h1>
<p>You can now build version 2.1 of the vBulletin Mobile Suite Apps within the Mobile Publisher. This release provides a number of feature enhancements and bug fixes for both Android and iOS.</p>
<li>Image attachments should be handled better.</li>
<li>Push Notifications work again.</li>
<li>New Private Messages will properly append to the existing topic.</li>
<li>The word delete is misspelled.</li>
<h2>General Feature Updates</h2>
<li>Added forgot password feature on the login page.</li>
<li>Improved registration on sites with paid subscriptions.</li>
<li>Tags are now displayed on topic starters.</li>
<li>Fixed Facebook login config</li>
<li>Added Push notification support for Facebook Logins.</li>
<li>Added Privacy consent for Facebook Logins.</li>
<li>Users can now update their Avatars on their profile page.</li>
<li>The option to send a private message should now appear on the profile page.</li>
<li>Social Media Share options are available across the app</li>
<h2>General Bug Fixes</h2>
<li>Messages - Empty folder should display a message</li>
<li>0 Flag Reports in Notifications</li>
<li>Login fails to redirect if site has no category</li>
<li>Hide Blogs, Articles, Friends from Main Menu if they are disabled</li>
<li>Firebase get Device token crashes for some devices</li>
<li>Cannot direct to detail topic from Flag report</li>
<li>App unable to copy text in private messages</li>
<li>App unable to scroll to view longer messages</li>
<li>Topics with many posts no longer jump to 2nd page upon opening</li>
<li>Ignore feature stuck at Unignore</li>
<li>Upgrade popup feature for Android</li>
<li>&quot;text_body&quot; color is not being used</li>
<li>User cannot return to the previous page by clicking the back button</li>
<li>Crash due to unhandled youtube exception</li>
<li>Crash due to undefined variable</li>
<li>Remove version number</li>
<li>Registration Page - Incorrect message when trying to register</li>
<li>Write a Forum Page - Error when max allowed chars in Content</li>
<li>Write a Forum Page - Error when min allowed chars in Tags</li>
<li>Post Page - Error when max allowed chars in Quick Reply</li>
<li>Post Page - App crashes when attempting to post a reply</li>
<li>Incorrect spelling for flag report notifications</li>
<li>Message Post Page - Error when sending 2 consecutive messages to same user</li>
<li>Message Post Page - Error when max allowed chars in Private Message</li>
<li>Log In Page - App has an infinite buffer at log in</li>
<li>Registration shouldn't always require Date of Birth</li>
<li>Activity Stream - Created Blogs do not have the correct label</li>
<li>Activity Stream - Created Articles do not have the correct label</li>
<li>UI/UX - Icons of Content in Blog/Article need padding</li>
<li>Sending a Friend request should display confirmation message</li>
<li>Multiple image attachment picked at one</li>
<li>Increase the grey level of Unread messages</li>
<li>Update Firebase library</li>
<li>New message shouldn't require semicolon in the To field to proceed</li>
<li>Calendar title doesn't render HTML characters correctly</li>

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