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Which forum do you think you should choose between Xenforo and vbulletin?

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I prefere xenforo because it's not very expensive compared to Vbulletin. And vbulletin5 has much less resources than xenforo, because all the devs went to xenforo, one of the xenforo developers was on vbulletin before. Well, it's not a proposal but otherwise I prefer IPS Community. ;)

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@Wushu If you are looking for a Forum JUST for discussions... nothing else.... go with a free Forum Software. My 1. one was MyBB

They did a lot improvements to it and its good for plain things....

If you are planning to add more then just discussions i would always go with Xenforo or IPS... Nothing else

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Bit late reply. But since IB took over vBulletin went down the drain, I wouldn't even consider that an option anymore.

You might want to consider IPB or Xenforo. But imho the choice would be then Xenforo. I have Invision now for a year and it's also great but I like how Xenforo is doing things.

Also faster with for example webp support (IPS doesn't see any use in this so they just won't do it). And you can't even sell IPB if you're done with it. Xenforo can at least be sold once.

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Greetings, Black Tiger

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