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Extra License

Account Takeover: Xenforo License with Search and Manager, Themes and more Addons

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Would like to sell everything together but also splitted selling is possible


This an Account Takeover. You can change everything that´s needed, like Password, Nick-/ Name, Adress, Email etc....

So no worries at all. The Account(s) will be fully yours.


Xenforo Account and Themes/Addons - all expired

  • The Forum
  • with Enhanced Search & Ressources Manager
  • 560694804_Bildschirmfoto2019-08-07um13_03_25.png.50d373a0dc05a7b561728af30bcf01d1.png

As XenForo Addons (Themehouse):




Second ThemeHouse Addons:





XenForo Addons (Pixel Exit):







If you are interested in just Xenforo with Addons or everything together... PM me with your Best Offer.


I will only accept Paypal Payments


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To everyone. Please do me the favor and read my 1. and 3. Post carefully.

Most is explained in there and will answer most of the questions while reading them!

I will answer offers only in Private Conversations just to keep that Thread as clean as possibe but will answer your question as i can IF there are any after carefully ;) reading my Posts


Thanks for taking notice

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Well Guys. I go Nutz ;)

I just decided to sell all of it together.... Means....

  1. The xF Lizense with both Addons...
  2. The ThemeHouse Themes and Addons...
  3. The PixelExit Theme
  4. The Showcase


All as Account Takeovers only. I will not renew any License

Therefor one of you will get all for 110 EUR.

Only Paypal and only Euro!!!

But remember.. Its all Accounts you´ll get. Be sure to understand this!



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