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1-3 Xenforo licences - price depends on age etc.

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secondhand submitted a new listing:


[plain]1-3 Xenforo licences - price depends on age etc.[/plain] - [plain]1-3 Xenforo licences - price depends on age etc.[/plain]


I would like to buy Xenforo licences. Maybe also with the Media Gallery plugin. One or up to three XF licences.


Depending on how long thie licence is still valid for updates, the price will vary between 40-100 USD. Please make me a realistic offer.


There are some rules the Xenforo Team made we have to follow:

  • Each licence need to be at least 120 days old to be transferrable
  • The licence has to be legally transferrable. I.e. You have to be the original first purchaser of...


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