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Selling full IPBoard license

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I do own some expired IPBoard licenses that I've been running some boards in last few years but as I closed the communities my licenses are now more in use. All licenses will be transfered using the official 'Transfer License' tool (20$ fee).


Full IPBoard;


Includes Core + Forums + Commerce + Pages + Blogs + Gallery + Downloads. (Initial purchase price $625.)


I'm willing to sell it for 350$. You've to also pay 20$ transfer fee. The license should be also renewed which costs 105$. Which is a total of 475$.

Basically a full IPBoard license transfered to your account -- will cost you 475$ instead of 625$.

  • I'll accept any feasible payment solutions including ethereum.
  • If you want I'll accept middle main service by extralicense.com given that you pay the %10 fee (47.5$ in this case).

[ATTACH type=full" alt="2455]2455[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full" alt="2456]2456[/ATTACH]

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