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We hope you have enjoyed our free service since 2011, we have made a few new changes to the site to make it more user friendly plus we have added a few features to the site for your enjoyment, we have added a new section to the site called links directory a place where you can promote your site for free.

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vBulletin 5 Connect License ($80)

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Hi there, I am selling my Vbulletin 5 Connect licence. (Used!)


Lifetime Use (Never Expires!)

(Licence is transferable...)


Will provide mail after purchase!


The buyer pays the transfer fee (If not from the uk!)

Price: $80 - (£60.36GBP)

Payment: Paypal

Skype: live:vblicenceseller


The following downloads are available with this license:


Download vBulletin 5 Connect


Download vBulletin 4 Forum, CMS & Blogs


Download vBulletin 4 Forum Only


Download vBulletin 3


Download vBulletin Mobile Style Premium


Simplified site setup and customization


The new Site Builder makes it easier than ever to create and manage a site. Customizable page templates, drag-and-drop configuration and inline site editing simplify page layout.


If you are interested then, contact me!


Skype: live:vblicenceseller

Email: vblicenceseller@hotmail.com

Mobile(UK): 07468205697 (Text or Call!)

(y) Mr Bean!(y)

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