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Core + Forums + Downloads + Pages + Gallery + Video's + themes $300

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I would like to sell my community software.


It currently has the following addons:

  • Core
  • Forums 4.3.6
  • Downloads
  • Pages
  • Gallery

External addons:

- Videobox


Total new price = $ 515

Expiration date: 04/29/2019


The above is what I will sell.

If possible to transfer, you will get the small addons below for free:


Small external addons:

  • 2 Themes (one dark and one light theme)
  • and some other small things.

So no price change without these smaller addons.


I would like $ 300 for the total of all this good stuff. It's a very fair price.


Send me a pm or e-mail only if you're interested. What is says above is what you get.


Please don't ask for other additions/addons or stuff, I won't respond. Only serious mails will get a response.

Please don't ask for seperation, I will only sell everything together.

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so you are wanting $300 for 3 months of License ?


Im looking to purchase a license am i missing something here ?


New to this so just wanting some info as to why only 3 months and what happends after ? I get billed from them for $515 ?



No It just means that when the License runs out you would need to renew it.


I think it might cost $100 every 6 months

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No the renewal cost for the forums only is $ 45 dollar for 6 months. So you still have half of the renewal period for free at the moment.

Downloads and Gallery is $ 10 renewal for 6 months and Pages is 15 dollars.


So the total renewal costs for everything except videos in april would be $ 90 dollar.


From the Invision Pricing page:

If you do not renew by your expiration date, your software will continue to function. However, support, software downloads and additional services will be unavailable until you renew.

So you won't get billed, it's your own choice if you want to update in april of update later. And the software keepsp functional.


You can always give him a decent offer and see if he accepts it.

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Greetings, Black Tiger

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