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Renting out Various of Hosting License

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VictorVEnciso posted a new classified:


[plain]Renting out Various of Hosting License[/plain]

Host License


I have the following Owned license ready to rent out for a cheap price monthly.

  • Exploit Scanner $5/month
  • FleetSSL cPanel $2.5/month
  • Softaculous $2.5/month
  • WHMAMP Reseller $5/month
  • WHMXtra $2.5/month
  • cPanel Varnish Nginx $5/month
  • CPNginx $2.5/month
  • CPRemote $2.5/month
  • Hexa WHMCS Theme $3/month
  • Lara WHMCS Admin Theme $2.5/month
  • WHMCS Expenses $5/month
  • WHMCS Rack Manager $5/month
  • WHMCS CoinBase payment $2.5/month
  • WHMCS Client Profile $2.5/month
  • WHMCS Force Agree Terms $1/month
  • Client Notify When Login $1/month
  • Client Custom Username $1/month
  • Email Verification $1/month


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