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Hello everyone, I have a xenforo license which was Purchased: May 22, 2014 Support/updates end: May 22, 2015

So as you can see I don't really need it anymore and as I understood I could not sell it until it's active, so I'm thinking about extending that license and selling it. I guess it would be full 12 months after that.


1. Is anyone interested in it?

2. Is it ok to sell it for about 90-100$?

3. I don't have a paypal, but I have Payoneer card and can accept payment that way, is it alright as well?


Thanks folks :)

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I thought that if you got paid via PayPal the money would show up in your personal account.

Anyway, it`s free to register with PayPal.

Yeah, the problem is that PayPal is not available in my country (it is but has some issues with withdrawing afaik)

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