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What Is The Largest Forum You've Owned?

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For me it was my forum HCNET (Higherculture.net) which was closed due to staff shortage. My staff slowly but surely became unreliable due to personal life issues and in the long wrong it hurt the forum. We were about 4 months old with 15,000 post. I could have just hired new staff but I decided I wanted to create a gaming forum instead of a general forum and find reliable staff. So that's what I have done and it's going well thus far.


What's the largest forum you've owned?

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For me i've never really had a big forum. I'm trying to start up one but I just got a big pile of work to do. 6 websites, 1 premium plugin to develop and college work. I love my life :D


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Not a forum, but my biggest website was about 30k users.. If you remember Stickam.com I was running the official custom profile theme generator for the site for about 6 months before they built their own. The site was linked in the user profile area.. I was getting no less than 30 new users within any 24 hour period regardless of the time or day for the entire run of the site.

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