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EL Paper Boy

Security Patch Released for 5.1.8 - 5.2.0 and 5.2.1 Beta

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A potential security issue has been discovered by the vBulletin team. This issue could allow private vBulletin options to be accessible to an attacker. To fix this issue, we have created a new security patch. During the process of fixing the issue, it was determined that several options were improperly marked as private. These have been made public for use in templates and elsewhere. It is recommended that all customers install this patch as soon as possible.


You can download the patch for your version here: http://members.vbulletin.com/patches.php


To install the patch:

1) Download the appropriate files for your version of vBulletin 5

2) Upload all files found within the zip file. Make sure to overwrite the existing files on your server.

3) Run /core/install/upgrade.php to re-import the default settings files.


This should not affect your modified settings.


If you're using version 5.1.7 or before, then you should upgrade to vBulletin 5.2.0 following standard upgrade procedures.


vBulletin Cloud sites have already had this fix applied.



5.2.1 Beta 1

5.2.0 Patch Level 2

5.1.10 Patch Level 1

5.1.9 Patch Level 4

5.1.8 Patch Level 4


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