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EL Paper Boy

vBulletin 5 Connect Support Schedule Updates

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With the release of vBulletin 5.2.0, I would like to announce a change in our support policy for past releases.



What is the change?

Effective today will be reverting to our previous support policy for updates and security fixes. Support for previous versions of vBulletin will be for security patches only. i.e. if the current version of vBulletin is vBulletin 5.2.0, we will continue to actively develop new features and provide bug support. When releasing security patches, we will release them for the two prior versions in addition to the current version.



How does this affect me?

Hopefully not at all. If you have purchased vBulletin 5.0, it enables your access to all future versions of vBulletin 5, and you will be able to receive our latest bug and feature developments. If for some reason you are using an older version and a security patch is released, then you will need to upgrade to one of the supported versions. In order to allow more time for this transition, we are going to consider the following versions for potential security patches until the release of vBulletin 5.2.1:


Active Version - 5.2.0

Security Patch - 5.1.10

Security Patch - 5.1.9

Security Patch - 5.1.8

No Patch Release - 5.1.7 or earlier.



With the release of 5.2.1 this will change to:

Active Version - 5.2.1

Security Patch - 5.2.0

Security Patch - 5.1.10

No Patch Release - 5.1.9 or earlier.



Why make the change?

Two reasons:

  • All vBulletin 5 licenses have access to the latest release version. This version will be the most active and have the fewest issues.
  • Maintaining half a dozen versions or more is time-consuming and diverts works away from fixing other issues.


So, effective today is provide the following:

Active Version - 5.2.0

Security Patch - 5.1.10

Security Patch - 5.1.9

Security Patch - 5.1.8

No Patch Release - 5.1.7 or earlier. These versions are effectively considered to be "end of life" and should not be used on production servers.


Future changes will be announced with upcoming version releases.


What about issues affecting older versions?

Each issue will still be reviewed based on its priority rating. We will continue to schedule outstanding issues for fixing in future versions of the software.




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