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Questions about buying a Xenforo License

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Hi, I'm interested in buying a Xenforo License, but I'd like to learn the ins-and-outs of the process before doing so.

How does the system work? Will Xenforo support transfer the license from party to party? What is the risk of being scammed in a situation like this? Let me know of other things I should be aware of as a first timer.



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When you and seller agree to terms, the seller then will submit a support ticket to XenForo requesting the transfer of the license to the new owner. XenForo will request several pieces of information from both the original owner as well as info about the new owner. Once all the info has been verified, XenForo will transfer the license.

The risk of being scammed is definitely greater than if you were to buy directly from XenForo. XenForo has an API for consumers to check the validity and status of a license. You can view that here - License Validation API | XenForo

Although we cannot guarantee you won't be scammed, we are here to help to if you find someone you would like to do business with, drop me a PM and I can check some information for you about the seller, like location, Ip address (which will not be given to you) as well as search their email address to see if anything "weird" comes up. We do have a Trader Ratings system here as well to help you identify the trusted members of the community. Hope that helps. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :)

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