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I'm in the market to get a new provider. I just downgraded from a dedicated with WiredTree and in my ten years of renting web hosts they have been by far the most professional and superior provider that i have dealth with.


But as times have changed and i no longer need a dedi for a forum, i have to change and they dont do anything less than vps which breaks my heart :'(


So my question is to you, who do you use, how long have you been with them, and how is the support and responce time.


So far I have been told about


Surpass Hosting ( havent tried these yet, but i find their prices expensive for shared hosting )


Pixalated Hosting ( I have actually applied for their diamon shared, about 6 hours ago too and still havent been setup, and 2 support tickets later i haven't heard a thing)


Arvixe ( Currently running a wordpress on their server, less than a week old and the server got hacked todayu, so i wont be staying with them. Also they are adamant my server is located in the netherlands, but flagfox says its in the USA)

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With the hosting market at times it's you get what you pay for. Now are you just looking for shared hosting? I'd recommend namecheap or hawkhost both hands down are very good. If your looking for vps providers buyvm or budgetvm both are very nice support wise and they are unmanaged.

Some Risk Are Well Worth Taking.


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When it comes to shared hosting Liquid Web is the best in the business. I have been with them for about 3 years now. They have amazing support and SLA's (agreements which promise to pay you if you wait more than 1 min on the phone).


Great people who are honest and care a ton about you and your company. They let me go on thousands of dollars in bills when I got hacked to help me out. They have dedicated migration and security teams. They start at $15 a month and are worth every penny.


The people I referred to them let me know they are very happy.

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