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Poker game for your forum!

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I signed up for the site in look for a vb 4.x + licence so I can add support vb paid forum to my poker game.

I already added support for xf 1.2+, ipb 3.x and ips4, wbb4.x, dolphin and among free boards like nodebb, phpbb3 3.0.x and 3.1x, modx, xbtit and too many to remember.


Here is my test showcase demo:




You can either sign up using fb or register a free account to test drive IPS 4.x board which the game uses the same authentication which is blowfish with IPS4.


Anyhow, I'm keeping reading offers for VB licences to see if any pops up.




I do own IPS 4 and XF licence. I only lack VB one..


Note, there is no cost of of installing the poker game from Cubeia Ltd and my bridge tailored for forums which are both open sources.


The poker game in brief runs integrated with any suppored board members so you can have a nice addon for your community. See it at yourself at the link above.



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