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vBulletin Mobile 1.9 Released

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We are proud to announce the release of the vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.9. This version is covers a number of issues for iOS compliance. There are a number of issues resolved for both the iOS and Android versions. The Mobile Suite is available for all versions of vBulletin that support the Mobile Api.


iOS Improvements

[VBI-879] - selecting post then pressing move in moderate options closes the app iOS vb3 1.4

[VBI-1165] - In German language settings buttons are in french language

[VBI-1171] - Formatting buttons are not visible/hidden

[VBI-1173] - Some activity stream items don't load all the info

[VBI-1194] - Create Thread Screen - View is not correct / Predictive Keyboard

[VBI-1195] - Landscape Mode Alerts displayed incorrectly

[VBI-1198] - Formatting buttons are not visible/hidden for small screens

[VBI-1166] - iOS 8 Compliance


Android Improvements

[VBA-535] - Text in buttons are misaligned

[VBA-559] - "Messages" option on the User Profile results confusing with the Private Messages

[VBA-560] - "Unknown error. Error code - user_name_x_already_in_use_choose_different_one"

[VBA-563] - Notices are not working

[VBA-565] - The user avatar will not be displayed on the top

[VBA-576] - Username prediction won't work for Private Messages

[VBA-591] - The app version is not displayed correctly

[VBA-596] - Remove JumpTap Library


The Mobile Publisher has been updated to handle these changes.


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