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Beware of tony he is a scammer

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This guy scammed me > https://extralicense.com/members/tony.4401/



here is the skype chat log:- <code> [03:36:16] Tony Ford: Hi john .A, I'd like to add you as a contact.

[06:04:22] *** john .A has shared contact details with Tony Ford. ***

[06:09:05] *** john .A has shared contact details with Tony Ford. ***

[06:09:09] Tony Ford: Hi

[06:09:46] Tony Ford: are you there

[06:09:47] Tony Ford: ?

[06:10:45] john .A: Hi

[06:11:12] Tony Ford: I´m selling my vbulletin license $100

[06:11:40] john .A: Cant afford man got only 50$ to spend

[06:11:54] *** Tony Ford sent proof.png ***

[06:12:09] Tony Ford: OK

[06:12:34] john .A: Can we do a deal?

[06:13:46] Tony Ford: can you give me at least 65-70 ?

[06:14:03] Tony Ford: and we have a deal i need money for a new Project

[06:14:09] john .A: This is lifetime license?

[06:14:14] Tony Ford: yes it is

[06:14:21] Tony Ford: need a screenshoot ?

[06:14:41] john .A: Hmmm ican do 60$ i'll take loan from friend of 10

[06:14:48] Tony Ford: Ok

[06:15:00] Tony Ford: need a screenshoot ?

[06:15:19] john .A: Give me 10 mins

[06:15:25] john .A: Yes

[06:15:27] Tony Ford: Ok

[06:19:25] *** Tony Ford sent proof2.png ***

[06:21:52] john .A: this is which version?

[06:22:05] john .A: and how much time will it take to transfer license on my name

[06:22:09] Tony Ford: vb5, includes vb4 and vb3

[06:22:13] john .A: and how much support?

[06:22:19] Tony Ford: one day

[06:22:34] john .A: license support days?

[06:22:44] Tony Ford: everytime

[06:22:54] Tony Ford: once you send the payment i need your full

[06:22:56] Tony Ford: name

[06:22:58] Tony Ford: adress

[06:23:03] Tony Ford: aemail and

[06:23:08] john .A: no... we have limited access

[06:23:12] Tony Ford: telephone number

[06:23:13] john .A: like 1 year support

[06:23:41] Tony Ford: let me check

[06:24:42] Tony Ford: 2 months left

[06:24:50] john .A: ok

[06:24:57] Tony Ford: then you can pay 49 usd

[06:25:05] Tony Ford: to extend the support

[06:25:25] john .A: ok

[06:25:55] john .A: ok bro

[06:26:00] john .A: your paypal

[06:27:21] Tony Ford: fordtony35@gmail.com

[06:27:33] Tony Ford: And please send me your details

[06:27:44] john .A: here?

[06:28:31] john .A: you want my details here?

[06:28:33] Tony Ford: yes please

[06:28:48] john .A: Name, Adress and email

[06:28:53] john .A: is that enough

[06:29:00] john .A: dont wanna give my phone

[06:29:05] Tony Ford: Ok

[06:29:07] Tony Ford: np

[06:29:13] Tony Ford: send the payment

[06:29:20] Tony Ford: and give your details

[06:30:45] john .A: bro full payment without any email from vbulletin?

[06:30:47] john .A: :(

[06:31:08] john .A: send my details to them when i get acknowledgement from them then i pay ?

[06:31:53] john .A: telephone number is required...

[06:32:03] john .A: or vbulletin wont transfer the license

[06:32:47] Tony Ford: no, because if i start the transfer procees i can´t cancell it, you need to sed the payment first,


please read the rules from extralicense.com

[06:33:06] Tony Ford: yes when i send the details vbulletin starts the transfer process

[06:33:18] john .A: bro i wont give phone no.

[06:33:25] john .A: and vbulletin will need that

[06:33:35] Tony Ford: yes just give me you name adress and email

[06:33:38] Tony Ford: No

[06:33:48] Tony Ford: just name adress and email

[06:33:57] Tony Ford: pone is optional

[06:34:15] john .A: can you show me the form?

[06:35:02] Tony Ford: Ok hold on

[06:37:02] *** Tony Ford sent proof3.png ***

[06:38:13] john .A: where are details form?

[06:38:20] john .A: this has no nmae addres etc

[06:38:35] Tony Ford: I need to send the details by a ticket

[06:38:44] Tony Ford: please read the rules from extralicense

[06:38:47] john .A: ok

[06:39:52] Tony Ford: here is the info from vbulletin

[06:39:53] Tony Ford: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-sales-and-feedback/vbulletin-pre-sales-



[06:41:35] john .A: sent

[06:41:54] Tony Ford: what ?

[06:42:00] john .A: http://prntscr.com/5czrm1

[06:42:20] Tony Ford: Ok give me your details please

[06:42:50] john .A: Name: #######

[06:43:04] john .A: Addrees: #########

[06:43:13] john .A: email : #########

[06:43:43] john .A: ok?

[06:43:55] Tony Ford: Ok

[06:43:58] Tony Ford: hold on

[06:45:51] john .A: ??

[06:47:18] Tony Ford: Ok done wait for the reply from vbulletin

[06:47:26] Tony Ford: the will contact you by email

[06:47:38] john .A: any proof?

[06:48:15] john .A: ??

[06:48:25] Tony Ford: yes

[06:48:31] john .A: show

[06:49:38] john .A: ??

[06:50:08] john .A: send ticket no. screenshot asking for transfer

[06:50:23] Tony Ford: wait please

[06:52:09] john .A: why so much time man?

[06:54:31] john .A: ??

[06:56:26] john .A: i am gona cancle the payment man

[06:56:39] Tony Ford: srry for the delay

[06:56:46] Tony Ford: i have to go out

[06:56:52] Tony Ford: hold on

[06:57:43] *** Tony Ford sent proof-4.png ***

[06:58:40] john .A: wtf man this is photoshped

[06:58:47] Tony Ford: omg

[06:59:12] Tony Ford: Iwill share my screen

[06:59:18] Tony Ford: hold on

[06:59:21] john .A: http://prntscr.com/5czwnt

[06:59:29] john .A: see this and the one you shared

[06:59:43] Tony Ford: I will share my

[06:59:51] Tony Ford: scrren

[06:59:52] Tony Ford: hold on

[07:03:09] john .A: ??

[07:03:25] john .A: bro i am sorry i dont wanna buy

[07:03:34] john .A: send me refund or i cancle payment

[07:05:18] john .A: ??

[07:08:09] john .A: are you sending a refund or not?</code>



my payment SS> http://prntscr.com/5czrm1


Just made this thread so that he dont scam anyone else.

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