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Twitter - Why do you follow the people you follow?


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Do you follow your friends on twitter? Do you follow people who share the same interests as you? Do you follow people in the same industry as you? Is it a mixture of all three? Have you ever unfollowed someone? Why?


The above questions are to provide insight and possibly shed some light on why people use the Twitter service. Some of my followers are completely volatile. I will gain 3 followers a day and then lose 2 of them the next. Do they not like my tweets? Are they no longer interested in what I provide? Did I piss them off? No idea. What are your thoughts and what trends have you noticed on your twitter account?

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I do it so they follow back to be honest but I think it's more important to find those that you have a common interest with. Although most of the time my feed is absolutely cluttered with garbage. It's that aspect that needs changing. More control over what content is posted in your feed would be nice just as you have control over your friends on Google Plus or Facebook.


In terms of it's core setup you would think they would have that already but hey I'm not complaining just adding my support. :)

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