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Hey Guys :d

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Hi all, my name is Mikey. Found this site via twitter (I am @MadMikeyB)


Hmm.. I don't actually have anything to sell, but I figured I'd sign up as I wanted to point one or two things out as suggestions (and it was too long for twitter)..


Anyway.. about me. I'm 20 (recently, so I'm still getting used to it), a web developer from the UK. I have an arsenal of websites, web applications, forums, blogs.. etc. Web Developer & Webmaster then.


I know what you're thinking "From the UK? Shouldn't you be sleeping?! It's 4am!" - Well I don't really sleep much, so eh that's why I'm spending the night posting on your forum :)


Looking forward to getting to know you all, I'll just toddle off and post that suggestion now ;)

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