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PHPFOX License and Bundle of Addons


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I am interested in sell my phpfox community license with branding removal and a big pack of modules.


The list with their original value is:



GAME STREAM PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/themes/game-stream 60,00

REVIEW SUITE PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/review-suite 150,00

BETTER MOBILE PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/better-mobile 60,00

ANSWERS PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/answers 60,00

BETTER SEARCH PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/better-search 25,00

BETTER NOTIFICATION PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/better-notification 30,00

BADGES PHPFOX.PRO http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/badge 50,00

MAILCHIMP INTEGRATION YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/mailchimp-integration.html 70,00

SOCIAL PUBLISHER YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/social-publisher.html 50,00

TOUR GUIDE YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-tour-guide.html 25,00

FOXFEEDPRO YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-fox-feeds-pro.html 70,00

ADVANCED MARKETPLACE YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-advanced-market-place.html 50,00

ADVANCED EVENT YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/advanced-event.html 50,00

ADVANCED PHOTO YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/advanced-photo.html 60,00

FEEDBACK USERVOICE YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/feed-back-v3.html 35,00

USER DOCUMENT / SCRIBD YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/document-v3.html 50,00

FACEBOOK SOCIAL LIKE YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/facebook-social-like.html 10,00

FOXLIKE YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-fox-like.html 20,00

USER PROFILE COMPLETENESS YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/user-profile-completeness-like-likedin-v3.html 15,00

VIDEO CHANNEL YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-video-channel.html 45,00

DONATION YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-donation.html 20,00

BLOG IMPORTER YOUNETCO http://phpfox.younetco.com/blog-importer-v3.html 20,00

AVENUE TEMPLATE TEMPLATE MECHANIC http://www.templatemechanic.com/marketplace/50/avenue-template/ 49,00

BLOG EXTENSION TEMPLATE MECHANIC http://www.templatemechanic.com/marketplace/79/blog-extensions/ 25,00

SIMPLE ARTICLE TEMPLATE MECHANIC http://www.templatemechanic.com/marketplace/55/phpfox-v3-simple-article/ 25,00

FAQ MACAGORAGA http://macagoraga.com/forum/store/product/25-faq/ 30,00

METRO MACAGORAGA http://macagoraga.com/forum/store/product/25-faq/ 70,00

POINTS MACAGORAGA http://macagoraga.com/forum/store/product/33-points/ 20,00

PRO MENU CEOFOX http://ceofox.com/pro-menu.app 30,00

WORDPRESS PLUGIN DEEZLE http://www.phpfox.com/addons/view/phpfox-wordpress-plugin-and-widget-system/ 40,00

PHPFOX LINK SHARER WILL159 http://www.phpfox.com/addons/view/v3-phpfox-link-sharer/ 25,00


The value of the pack is USD 1.638,00 but I want to sale by USD 1.150,00 (around 30% off).


The phpfox support is expired. The upgrade license is also expired but there is a garantee of upgrade to at least the version 4.0 that there is no release date for while.


I accept paypal as payment gateway, but we can negotiate. The transfer process with phpfox is ready, the account ownership of the addons will be transfered changing the account mail owner.


I can prove the ownership of all license, you just need to ask.

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Top Posters In This Topic

The phpfox support is expired. The upgrade license is also expired but there is a garantee of upgrade to at least the version 4.0 that there is no release date for while.

If the License upgrade is expired how can you guarantee an upgrade for V4.0 that is going to take a while?

You forgot to mentioned that phpfox charge like $20 for account/email changes, afaik.

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