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Steve Moore

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Love how I had my privileges to edit my homepage, post a status, or edit my signature was revoked for being unlicensed and letting those who follow me on XenForo know my new site. So what if I'm unlicensed, it is my profile where I have followers.


I'm curious to know if anyone thinks they were in the right or if I should be allowed to do what I want on my own profile page on XenForo.


I for one think claiming it is advertising is false and it is always Jeremy that sends me PMs like he is the only one that is a moderator. Over reach of power, possibly, am I paranoid, possibly, do I care sorta. The thing that bothers me most is this was an issue on vBulletin with Jeremy always finding reasons to contact me and now on XenForo.


I told Jeremy I can still develop mods for XenForo on a friends license as I have it in a password protected directory.


Ok I'll stop ranting. :D

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I was posting a link to my new site and what is going on with my XenForo mods on my profile. Jeremy called it advertising and removed it so this time I just put up my link and left out the stuff about my mods. They removed my access to update my status or personal details.

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