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vBulletin v4 Publishing Suite + vBSEO license for sale


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I've recently decided to switch over to XenForo, so I'm left with the following licenses to offer:


- vBulletin 4 Publishing Suite License (costs $285 on vBulletin.com)

- vBSEO ($149 on vBSEO.com)


I was thinking that $230 (or the xe.com equivelant in EUR/GBP) would be a fair asking price for the pair. I'm the original license holder and I've received confirmation from both parties that I'm entitled to resell the licenses. You are welcome to check validity prior to purchase. The details are as follows:


vBulletin 4 Publishing Suite license # is: VBS3C5B7EE

vBSEO order number is: 9X26640320890094L


Please note that I don't want to split the sale - I'm really looking for someone that wants both together.





Edit: Sorry about the error in the title. Could a mod please change "vBulletin v" to "vBulletin v4" in the title? I don't seem to have permission to do so myself. Thanks

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Hi Craig, prices for vB Suites, are not fetching a great deal now....the last price I bought for was $110...but for both your licenses, I would suggest $150...I know it's low, but you'll sell it quickly, but if you have the patience and time, you could well get a little more! Best to sell separately, too! ;)

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