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vBulletin 5 Platform - $150


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Hello. I am Sam. I am a 19 year old webmaster and film maker in New Zealand who is wanting to make an advertisement for a WTS.


I am selling my license for the vBulletin 5 platform I've had for a few months now. I have found out I have passed the waiting period to be able to transfer it so I am able to fully transfer.


Am selling so I can get the funds for the Xenforo platform as I prefer that these days.


It expires June of next year.


I would like 150 but I am able to negotiate within reason.


Payments to be made through the Paypal.com system only and I would require payment before I send the item. So even if you made a deposit of 50% before you get the item then pay the balance once received we can do that too.

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Moderators may need to ban this user as he appears to be a scammer. This is a copy of the private conversation:


Samm:do you want a cheap vbulletin


Z47:How cheap?


Samm:how cheap do you want it


Z47:Well ive purchased 3 vb5 licences in the last month so have no need now for another so the most i can pay you is $55.


Samm: please sed the payment to my Paypal and I will send it to you.


Z47:Hi, just a few questions before we complete the deal.


Are you the first owner of the licence?

Have you asked vb if you are allowed to transfer the licence for free?

Can you post a screenshot of the licence from the members area?


Samm:First owner.

Yes, have asked them.




All yours once you do payment.


Z47:Ok thanks, can you do a screenshot of vb confirming it can be transferred and a screenshot of the licence from the members area? I also notice you say it expires in june 2015, I thought vb licences did not expire?


Samm:They don't expire.


I can't do a screenshot but here is what they said.


"Hey Sam,


Yes it is able to be sold and you are welcome to sell for any amount you desire.


Thank you,


vBulletin Customer Service Team"


Z47:Why cant you do a screenshot?


Samm don't know how the email should be enough.


I have to go soon and would love to get this all sorted for you before then but you are being a little difficult.


Samm:You'll get a full refund if you're not happy.


Z47:Why cant you do a screenshot of the email and the licence from the members area?


Samm:I dont have the time for that you either want this or you dont it's simple.

I copied/pasted the email to you.


Z47:Okay ill send the money soon.


Samm:Thank you.

Do you knowwhen so I can get it all sorted for you.


Z47:I can do it in a little while. Can you provide the licence number so I can use it as the payment reference in the paypal payment.


Samm:Just put vBulletin in the payment reference please.

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I am not a scammer. I just want to do a quick deal with you and you're being extremely difficult. Please consider our deal to now be invalid for posting this. I have left our conversation so I do not wish to continue this any further with you. I am after buyers who do not want to waste my time.

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For future reference, It is ok for the potential buyer to obtain from the seller the license # of the license. Buyer can then email vBulletin directly and ask the status of the license. Again, it is ok for the seller to provide the potential buyer the license number of the license. This is the proper way to verify a license.

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