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XenForo & vBulletin License Transfer pitfall to be aware of...

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Having had this experience recently, it is right that I advise you all of the following before you jump in and buy someone's 'license' without getting the License Number and transfer verified by either vBulletin or XenForo Support!


1. XenForo & vBulletin operate the following Transfer Rule:


Original License Owner: A limit of one transfer per license.

Second Owner: You will NOT be able to transfer/sell this license in the future.


be sure to ask the Seller concerned whether they are the Original Owner, and get them to post a screenshot of vBulletin or XenForo's License number, and then confirmation about the Transfer eligibility from vBulletin or XenForo, before you proceed to pay !

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Transfer policies are linked (if available) in every forum in the Swap Shop here for everyone to read and understand. Part of due diligence. Thanks for the reminder!

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Author of the topic Posted

Having been scammed last week, I'll add the two most important things to ask from the Seller:


1. License Number

2. License Account Holder's Address


with these two details, take them to vBulletin Support and get them to check them...once they confirm all is fine, wait, DO NOT part your money until vB send you the Offer of Transfer from the Seller!

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