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Selling vBulletin 4.x FORUM license CHEAP!


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Hi, i'm selling a vBulletin 4.x FORUM license for cheap. Preferred payment method is PayPal. I do not have ownership details but can provide the linked e-mail account to the vBulletin account, allowing you to have full access of the account with no chance of me recovering.


This license does not expire. I am looking for offers in the $70-100 range. Thanks for your time and here is the proof:


Mod Edit (Vincent): /image removed, user showed license # and that's too much of the good stuff :)


Will be providing my vBulletin.org mods and styles account. I can provide proof that I own this account by posting in the vBulletin feedback thread if required. Add me on Skype (L.ysergic) or PM me on this forum.

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Not much with license #'s. Customer #'s are used to verify you are a customer while installing vBulletin. What else can be done with them? No idea but there is one thing for sure, you give a criminal info they shouldn't have and they will find away to exploit it.

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