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Boonex account with 5 Prime and 1 Lifetime License


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I have my Boonex account for sale which has 5 Prime Licenses and 1 Lifetime License. The Prime license has everything included, even the smartphone apps. $1800 OBO if reasonable!!


Whole account is for sale, so no license transfer complications or legal issues. You will simply get login details and it's yours.


The Prime Licenses go for $799 a piece and the Lifetime License I think go for about $399 for a total of $4400. I have not used my account in quite some time and since then they have changed the market place and all of the mods i had purchased are no longer there and wouldnt be compatible with the latest version anyway. My account is in great standings and no negative stuff on it at all. I originally bought 1 Prime license and have since then acquired quite a few more on this account. This sale is for my entire account as is.


Note: The Market discounts are no longer available. With the Prime you get this for some time but this time has expired!


Paypal transfer.


Dolphin Boonex Prime


All 36 Dolphin modules

No "Powered by" links

Lifetime version updates

Advanced BoonEx Membership

Premium BoonEx Membership

Discounted 3rd-party Extensions

Native iOS and Android apps

Professional installation service

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Would you consider doing a trade for my Adobe InDesign license? I know it's not web-hosting software, but I used to use it quite a bit, and would like a Boonex license. I think I have more licenses, all are legal, but I also have Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus and Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Plus or Ultimate, volume edition keys, and I still have the installation files if you need them. Would you consider taking a trade?

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