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I'm selling a full vBulletin 5 Connect licence originally purchased for $249 on 26/03/2013. It also contains the licences for vBulletin 4 and 3.


I'm selling because I have moved over to XenForo and much prefer it to vBulletin plus I have never actually installed vBulletin 5 (have been using vBulletin 4).


There is no expiry date on the licence. I have posted a thread in the VB support forum to verify that I own the licence and am happy to send a link to anyone who is interested to be verified.


Was listed a while back but I was let down by the original buyer (not from these forums).


Offers of $150 please

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Still available.


I have had lots of users message me. Please note:


Don't bother if you're going to send me a stupid low offer.

I am often away from my email so I may take a few days to get back to you. Don't expect a lightspeed deal!

I will happily supply the full licence number, email address it is registered to, my full name and a screenshot of the licence on VB's members area once we have agreed a price.

I can also supply the domain name where the software was so you can do a whois and see that they match!



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