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Trade Newly purchased IPB 3.4.5 for vb5 or Xenforo


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Willing to sell it for $135 Now $105 with chat and skin purchased, want to get it sold today if possible.

Will trade for vB5 or Xenforo (active) thanks.


Purchased in August 2013 for a total of $190 with chat. Also paid around $10 for the 2 pack of skins.

Almost one month old. Update support Expires Feb 2014 (renewal date) .



Contact me if you have any questions.




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Ok so here's the deal, I am on the second domain activation for the IPB license.

Since it is new I can only hand it over but it saves $ on transferring. Because it has been activated twice you have to pay $15 to change domains but I will lower it to $125. I cannot go any lower. That is an excellent price considering its new. Like I said, I paid for another skin that came as a two pack of skins. And the 50 slot chat that you can cancel at any time. With the skins, chat and IPB it comes to a total of $200 and all for $125!

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I was a little confused to understand the renewal thing. It's a permanent license but renewal every 6 months for support. So it never expires, only has the support for updates every six months. But I am actually thinking of hanging on to it now since I know that.


Here is there info on the fee for license:

Our product licenses renew on a six month basis*, providing access to continued upgrades, support, and services.


If you do not renew on your expiration date, your products will continue to function. However, support, product upgrades and additional services (such as the IPS Spam Monitor, and IPS Marketplace) will be unavailable until you renew.


You can renew at any time without penalty to regain access to IPS services.


The renewal cost we show on this page is what your renewal will be in 6 months based on the products you've chosen and the current renewal pricing.

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