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XenForo + Enhanced Search + Resource Manager

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1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade?

---> As stated above, XenForo license, Enhanced Search, Resource Manager (all in one).


2. When does it expire?

---> April 8, 2014 (license was purchased on Jul 27th, 2012)


3. Is it able to be legally transferred?

---> Non-Transferable. You can have the account, as well as the email account associated with it.


4. Any Screenshots?

No need for a screenshot, here is my validation token: 5ac1f745780bfa0a5a471e67049ee5af (if you still need a screenshot, feel free to let me know)


5. How much are you selling for?

---> Highest offer. (Value is $250 all add-ons included, purchasing new).

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Top Posters In This Topic

No longer available.


--- Quick note, selling a license that is separate from your main account (such as this one listed above), does not entitle a purchaser to see my main account and license's (stewart1champ). That information does not pertain to this sale so there wouldn't be any need in seeing verification for my other license.

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