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Nov 26, 2011
Now offering OUTRAGEOUS discounts! You can now get your free forum installation, add-on installation and style installation for absolutely FREE. :D

I don't really want to make a profit out from helping you. So instead I want to devote a small part of my time to help others in setting up their XenForo forum, and even tell you how you can do it yourself!

However, if you think I have done a great job, nothing is limiting you from donating. :)

  • 1 to 1 communication (using the method you prefer - Email or Skype)
  • Installation of XenForo.
  • Installation of add-ons of your choice.
  • Installation of an style (or a few), including tweaks (depending on style).
  • Post-installation checking in order to insure that everything is working correctly.
  • Introduction and guidance to XenForo's features both at the admin and public end.
  • 48 hours response time to questions I am capable of answering.
  • ... and everything in between! :)

At a later time, you might have some use of my upgrade services as well ->

  • Upgrading XenForo to it's latest version (or version of choice).
  • Upgrading add-ons to compatible versions or removal if no longer needed.
  • Post-upgrade checking to make sure everything is working smoothly.
  • ... and everything in between! :)

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