Xenforo License |Need one asap|

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Dec 21, 2011
Hey guys.

I'm looking to purchase an Xenforo license of someone, I have at average enough money to cover the payment via paypal.

This purchase will be done securely over skype or any other program that suits worthy of saving logs etc..

I WILL be going first, depending on your likely hood within this community, since I'm new I guess I could take the risk.

On one occasion, you hurry up and post in my thread XD

I need the license like promto, so I can start my community on a new bulletin board, as SMF is getting really old and stupid.

And Xenforo has always stumped my 'wants' list.

If you're getting sick of your license or are looking for someone to sell it to, please consider viewing this thread as I need one!

If you have a friend who is selling one, please tell him I'm looking to purchase it.

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration in reading this.

Best regards,


Not open for further replies.