Xenforo Installation Service

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Apr 16, 2013
Hello there,

I am now offering a service to install the latest version of xenforo for you as well as a few other nice things. This does not include PHP or MySQL installation or configuration.

Plan 1

  • Xenforo
  • 3 Addons
  • 1 Style
  • Free $50 FaceBook Ads Credit

Price: $20

Plan 2

  • Xenforo
  • 5 Addons
  • 2 Styl
  • Free $50 FaceBook Ads Credit
  • Free $100 Google AdWords Credit (US Only)

Price: $30

If your interested please click here

I am offering this as a simple service. I can also give suggestions and basic support for xenforo.

Thanks for reading. :)

Not open for further replies.