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  • Attention buyers: Please take the time to read THIS
  • I have imposed a new requirement today limiting who can start and receive private conversations. This is in an effort to thwart scammers who have a zero post count but private message others offering to sell their licenses. The restriction is not strict, a user must post at least one (1) post in the forum before being allowed to start and/or receive private conversations. Read Forum Post

WHMCS Licenses Once Again Allowed On ExtraLIcense


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Today, 06:12
We have decided to once again allow the sale of WHMCS licenses on this forum. Sellers, please make sure your license is able to be legally transferred by submitting a support ticket in WHMCS for staff to verify per the link above. There are 3 qualifying variables:
  1. The license must be owned
  2. The license must have been directly purchased from WHMCS
  3. The license must be at least 90 days old from purchase date
Buyers, please ask the seller for the ID of the ticket the seller submitted to WHMCS confirming the status of the license.

We have opened a new forum dedicated to buying, selling and/or trading of WHMCS licenses: https://extralicense.com/forums/whmcs.110/
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