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What would you pay for a XenForo License? Part 2

What would you pay for a XenForo License?

  • $0-$45

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • $50-$75

    Votes: 9 64.3%
  • $80-$100

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • $105-$135

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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So 3 Years ago we started THIS thread discussing the value of a second hand XenForo license. I thought it would be in order to start an updated poll discussing the same.


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is good for a License, having good amount of time left for its expiry.


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is good for a License, having good amount of time left for its expiry.

Although I am always a buyer and should therefore not argue the price high, I do think we should be fair in judging an objective second hand price level.

Xenforo increased its prices for new licences and for renewals in Januar 2019. This obvioulsy also effects the second hand market.

I do think 50 USD for a used licence with a good amount of time left for expiry is too cheap.

A XF licence new costs at the moment 160 USD

If you have already several licences, you get discounts when buying new licences. See here:


I have already more than 11 XF licences. So for me that means my "comparison level" is 130 USD minus potential renewal costs (55 USD), depending on how much time is left until its expires.

So for me around 75 USD with at least 6 months left until its next renewal date is a maximum price. Otherwise it would make more sense for me to buy it new one, becaue it would be cheaper for me.

If someone has to pay for a new XF licence the original 160 USD, that is obviously a different situation.

He will be willing to pay a significant higher price to pay. Significant in terms of 0-30 USD difference. So he might be willing to pay betwen 70-100 USD.

For both target groups there is one thing to bear in mind: You can transfer a licence only once. So a second hand licence has no resale value. A fresh and new licence bought directly at Xenforo has still a resale value. This is not yet reflected in the above mentioned prices. This is something you have to decide yourself how much that is worth it for you/necessary.

If you want to have this "security" to be able to sell it afterwards again, you have to discount it in your offering price. A new licence bought @160, resold i.e. @75 did cost you after all "only" 85 USD.

So as a buyer, 50 USD is very cheap and in my opinion too cheap. 70-80 USD is a good compromise and a win-win situation for both, buyer and seller, depending on how much time is left on it.

Far more important than +-5 USD is the way how you make that selling process.

I can only recommend to write this if you make an offer as a buyer. Thanks to this, the risk is splitted between both parties. A fair solution. A fair trade.


I am interested in your XF licence.

There are some rules the Xenforo Team made we have to follow:

  • Each licence need to be at least 120 days old to be transferrable
  • The licence has to be legally transferrable. I.e. You have to be the original first purchaser of the licence. Xenforo does not allow to transfer the same licence twice.
I pay with PayPal 50% after proove that it is legal and after validation of licence, the other 50% after the transfer is finished.

Please send me the XenForo license validation key of the licence and the domain name associated with the licence to be able to check this with Xenforo customer service here:

License Validation API | XenForo
If someone does not agree on Paypal (please no PayPal friends) or to split it 50/50, there is a reason for that you and you should not do business with him ;)