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Expired What do you have

Discussion in 'Completed Other Transactions' started by Simonextra, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Simonextra

    Simonextra New Member

    0   0   0

    Local Time:
    6:54 PM
    Would like to get a license a lifetime would be better :)

    Also if it comes bundled with some mods would be great.

    Please let me know what you have.

  2. shtefcs

    shtefcs New Member

    0   0   0

    Local Time:
    11:24 AM
    I am selling my license with branding removal worth 300$ for 100$. For ther further upgrade you need to pay 48$.

    Also, I have bought native mobile apps (android and Iphone) from Ninja pack, which is worth 600$. With that pack you will get better mobile theme theme which is worth 60$. I will give that for 300$.
    This is for sure best mobile apps there for PHPfox. If you research like me you will see why.

    Also, I have responsive bootstrap theme for phpfox which is worth 100$. I will give it for 50$.
    Check demo:

    I have Better notifications plugin and maybe some more which I don't remember.

    Total price for all I have would be 450$ for whole pack which is worth more then 1000$.
    I had great idea to create perfect social community with native mobile apps which support every other plugins, but I never realized cause I moved to another project.

    Anyway, the one who is interested can ask me anything or add me on skype:ksifoking for better communication.

  3. PVAbulk01

    PVAbulk01 New Member

    0   0   0

    Local Time:
    2:54 PM
    Odds are you don't. Furthermore, that is alright… I didn't either when I entered the domain of social networking showcasing. However, once I found out about it and how to utilize it, it change how I showcased my organizations on the social we

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