vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite Eligible For Transfer!

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Mar 24, 2012
Hello everyone I am selling my vBulletin Version 4 Publishing Suite licence with a professionally designed theme included. I got the theme for Themeforest.net. The theme did cost me $29 and it comes with 5 color schemes. You can find the theme by searching ideal vbulletin in themeforest. You can also visit my website reference below to view my actual site live right now!

A few specs to mention about the vBulletin 4 suite and taken from the official website:

-Indefinite software license

-Includes Forums, Blogs, and CMS modules

-Free updates for this version

-Discounts for next version upgrades

-Free forum and ticket support

-Total value: $495

vBulletin sells this licence for $285 and I asking for practically anything above $200. The reason I am selling is because I simply have too many websites to maintain I am unable to work on this forum. So I have decided to shut down my website (within 3 days from now) and sell this licence. I have had this licence for about 6 months. I bought it brand new for $285 from vBulletin so I am the only owner of the licence it has not been transfered. In one of the attachments you will find a message from vBulletin letting me know that as I am eligible to transfer the licence.

If you are hesitant of buying from thinking this may be a scam, feel free to call me. When I first was looking for a vBulletin licence about 6 months ago I learned a tough lesson that you can't expect everyone selling vBulletin licenses to be legit. I in fact before I bought this licence I had to learn the hard way. I bought a vBulletin version 4 license for $170 from a man claiming the licence was transferable. Well... a couple months later vBulletin notified me that my licence was not legit and they would shut my forum down if I didn't pay for an actual licence. So in total I paid over $400 and I was never able to receive my money back on the first one. So I understand if you may have any concerns, but I can assure especially from the attachments that my license is completely legit and transferable.

So in total you will receive (1) vBulletin 4 publishing suite licence originally $285 and (1) theme ideal originally $29 for the desired price of $200. Feel free to make an offer if the offer is close I might accept it!

Also if you are interested in purchasing the domain name I have the website held on and every currently installed as-is please let me know (the price may be a little higher)! The website has an alexa ranking of 900,000 (not much but semi active) I have only had it up for a short amount of time!

All The Best,


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