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Abandoned vBulletin 4 Suite License


New Member

Selling my vB4 Suite license for $150.
You'll get CMS, Blog and free support ticket for the life of vB4.

Verification and transfer via legal means at support@vbulletin.com.
Contact me if interested.



New Member
Bumped with moderator's permission.

Price negotiable.
Proof and bureaucracy via vBulletin support forum.
Please take note that this is a Suite license, not forum only.

Feel free to PM me if interested.


New Member

Price reduce to $130.
I'm also open to licenses exchanges with either Xenforo or IPB (must be original owners).

Please take note once again that this is a Suite License.
I'm also open to escrow but only via experience staff on this forum (if such is possible).

I'm not a license trader, I'm an end user.
It is unlikely that I will trade anything else in the near future after this.


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I'll do $101 as my only and final offer via PayPal, PM me if you're willing to take this offer.


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Still available, price negotiable (PM me).

I'm also releasing my vB5 license.
I was told that there is a $45 charge by vB for vB5 license transfer inside and outside of EU.
I'm in the middle of clarifying this with vbulletin.com support.
PM me if interested.