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Expired Vbulletin 3 and 4 publishing suite WITH brand free, all life time

Discussion in 'Completed vB Transactions' started by Goran, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Goran

    Goran New Member

    Rating - 100%
    1   0   0

    Local Time:
    9:37 PM
    1. Vbulletin 3-4 publishing suite, life time license, with brand free
    2. When does it expire? Never
    3. Is it able to be legally transferred? yes
    4. Any Screenshots? attached to this thread
    5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. 200$

    I can not receive paypal in my country, I can only pay with paypal here
    will look into "payza" option or "moneybookers" as I have account there and I should be able to receive funds in this way

    Will provide serial number and work through the transfer process with receipt of payment.

    I bought first license 2008 and later upgraded to vb4...

    let me know if interested

    never did this but as far as I understand this can be done with help of vbulletin
  2. Goran

    Goran New Member

    Rating - 100%
    1   0   0

    Local Time:
    9:37 PM
    transfer fee included
    for 200$:
    vbulletin 4 CMS
    vbulletin brand freee license

    if someone interested I also have commetchat (Professional) license old just some 4 months, its still active license for updates and all...also life time
    for 50% of price there

    Also to mention, I am not some kind of cheater, you can be safe with me
    But I also have to think about my safety here

    Hope someone will be interested as I need $ for some other stuff, but will not cut down price as I think these are fair prices....if you need brand free you will have to pay it 169$ anyways, and here you got same brand free and vb4 for just 31$
    Later on you can upgrade to vb5 or any future version and still keep brand free

    So this will be interesting only for those who need brand free


    this license I am selling can be transffered only once, same as any other VB license

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