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WTB vBSEO License


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Today, 15:26

latest version 3.6.1+
license must be UN-EXPIRED
must NOT have been transferred in the previous 12 month period
must have been active for a period of at least 3 months

Thx (y)
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Tomorrow, 01:56
i have vBSEO License.
Active for 3 months.
Not transferred ever.
Latest Version.
Can provide all required proofs.
Looking for 100$

Can go first if you are trusted.
Or we can decide something mutually.

You can message me here or email me at - thedealer555@yahoo.com


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Today, 16:26
i have one but has expire last up date 3.6.1. . there is no one to transfer license // no support at vbseo no one in control ./